Designed to be the most motile LNG delivery vehicle. Equally on the road and on the site.

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This conceptually made LNG feeder vehicle is not exceeding the 7.5 tonne weight, which allows to drive in to most of the cities.

It is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to it’s compact size of 7.4 m and 2.2 m narrow body.

It is not only clean thanks to it’s CNG powered engine, but also very smooth.

One feeder vehicle can easily supply the LNG more than 10 compact LCNG fuel-station, with an extremely low mileage cost, less than 10 cents/km and high utilisation range of up to 350 km without refuelling.

Photo: Henrik Domanovszky

Nevertheless, the feeder vehicle can do not only this, since it was proved, that the vehicle is an extremely effective device for rescue the LNG powered trucks,

  • if they run away from fuel,
  • if they had a longer stay,
  • if they had a service, required to emptying,
  • or just simply a new vehicle and need a first fill.
Photo: Henrik Domanovszky

Beside of trucks, the feeder is a very good tool to fuel an LNG powered

  • small ship,
  • rail,
  • plane.

But even can distribute LNG to small industrial consumers.

The Feeder has an EU type approval, ADR certified.

If wish to know more, please get contacted directly!