Photo: Henrik Domanovszky

Highly sophisticated next generation dispenser with unique features

  • User-friendly Informative Display
    • 15” Sun-light protected screen
    • Step-by-step guidance to truck drivers to ease the LNG refuelling process
    • Over 20 languages available
    • Driver fault prevention system
  • Smart refuelling system
    • High-Tech Uestco Electronic Board Design
    • Intelligent algorithm for absolute control on refuelling process
    • Auto-stop mode when tank is fully loaded
    • Filling option for Volvo trucks
  • Online Monitoring and Diagnosis
    • Online monitoring all diagnosis via ModBus
    • System pre-cautions against possible gas leaks, hose break-off and pressure in balances
  • Authorization system
    • Incorporated token/fleetcard recognize system or
    • Direct communication to payment terminal