Our newest invention the LNG MODULO is developed and produced based on field experience of several hundreds of LNG sites. Comprise the best available technologies, carefully analysed fuelling methods and requirements. It can give you a fast track to establish a well-functioning LNG refuelling site.  

LNG MODULO, an excellent system for your requirements

The LNG MODULO Refuelling System comply with all the related European standards.

The 20 best features the LNG MODULO gives you:

  • Optimum starting solution for new places, low consumption with later capacity extension feature to serve enlarged fleets
  • Fast equipment delivery and factory provided documentation
  • In factory fully tested device for plug & play fast and safe commissioning
  • Solely 380 V/3×40 A electric connection needs from site
  • Increased LNG holding time
  • No cool-down time, less than 6 minutes filling time
  • Fireproof boundary walls to decrease minimum safety distance requirements
  • Able to relocate if needed, what protects the investment
  • Horizontal LNG storage tank for compact and transportable design
  • Capacity extension ability from 20 m3 to 65 m3 storage to serve enlarged fleet requirement
  • World first Built-in IPMU, -as Integrated Pumping Measuring Unit
  • Built-in LNG conditioner system for each temperature requirements
  • LNG dispenser unit with smart fuelling functions
  • Automation (PLC) control panel & telemetry enables online remote control and communication
  • System offered saturated and cold (for Volvo) refuelling options
  • Integrated fleet-card and driver recognition system
  • Smoke & gas leakage detection
  • Air preparation unit (dew. point -20OC)
  • Fully comply with ATEX, PED and MID-regulations
  • Hard-wired ESD design

LNG MODULO technical features

Automation Control Panel built-in for control the installed cryogenic equipment and processes.

Control the complete LNG refuelling system including the measuring system, valves and the pump.

Handling all the required safety solutions; alarms, emergency events, leakage shut offs, failure situations.

Automation Control Panel includes:

•Operator touch-screen display panel

•Universal PLC 

•General main switch and emergency stop button

•Intrinsically safe barriers for the signals coming from the site, certified

•Manual control on panel

•Working-hour counter

•Push button (i.e. start / stop pump -alarm reset -lamp test)

•Inverter to control the submerged pump

•Online UPS

Remote availability:

The system can be reached remotely from dispatcher centre or by the maintenance provider, through IP remote connection, this feature included into the Automation Control Panel.

Remotely receives notifications from any Alarms coming from the site.

Dispatcher works supported by high resolution camera views

Features of the Automation Control Panel:

•See the status of the pump

•Choose the working mode

•Choose the different parameters

•Verify the values of the sensors and instruments

The control panel integrates also the gas detection system; in order to determine hazardous locations and to trigger safety related measures automatically in case of alarm, such as visible and/ or audible alarms and switching off equipment.  

After purchase order the factory provided technical documentations allow easy and fast track permission request.

Completely factory tested equipment ensure the rapid and safe commissioning without time loss.

LNG MODULO naked view


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