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This is a compact, LCNG (LCNG = from liquefied natural gas to compressed natural gas fuelling solution) technology based self-service refuelling stations, which are able to refuel CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles independently of the gas distribution network.

The innovative product had been awarded for CEF co-finance by the European Commission, to be demonstrate it’s capability in a real-life trial. The LCNG solution opens the way to the development of filling points that can be installed in the cities, fitting in the environment and serves the demand of customers mostly better, than any previous solutions.

As opposed to the several months or up to a year period, what required for the implementation of a compressor station, this station can be installed within one day and their investment cost can be reduced approximately to half. 

The main advantage of the filling points is the market-oriented placement, taking into consideration traffic conditions when positioning. It can be placed there and at a density, even on a temporary basis, where the expected traffic requires it. This is the main different to the regular CNG compressor technologies, where the main location is specified by the pipeline availability.

Another advantage for investors and operators of the technology is, that it is free from fixed operation costs, like fix capacity option fee causing significant losses for the operators in case of compressors with low levels of utilisation. Moreover, the technology allows for the reinstallation of the equipment from a badly operating location to a more favourable site.

Nevertheless even a temporary CNG filling point can be installed supporting a special event for example.

Photo: Henrik Domanovszky Refill a Golf can take around 1 minute

The equipment refuels the light vehicles extremely fast and smooth, having only a small pump noise and it works in 24 hours a day service. It is able to refill a personal car with 10 kg of CNG within 60 seconds, this is usually enough for a Golf sized car to drive around 250 kms. If the vehicle and it’s tank is bigger, even 20 kilos to fill take not more than 150 seconds, thanks to the pre-stored gas.

At the event of vehicle user comes to the filling point, it’s vehicle will be filled up rapidly from the pre-stored high pressure compressed gas bottles. These bottles are filled up from the LNG tank, through an ambient heat exchanger, which vaporize the fluid, increase it’s temperature to the ambient level and in the same time increase it’s pressure to the level of storing. From the tank to the vaporizer a pump is elevating the LNG and supporting the required capacity of CNG production.

Top of that, it looks like a street furniture, matching to the city environment. The station is going to be chic, attractive for the customers in different ways. Not only economically sense, the environment friendly refuelling going to be trendy, matching with the needs of today’s customer. It suggests using it for refill the CNG powered vehicle is not only easy, evident, but also clean and affordable. CNG powered vehicles are giving the ability of clean ride, without polluting the environment, without range anxieties, always predictable without paying a fortune.

Lately it provides also a very good surface for advertising the g-mobility provider or any other company, or running a product campaign.

The device is a European product. It has a compact sized LNG storage, a regasifier, CNG buffer storage, odorizer equipment and the dispenser, all of this are based on a comprehensive IT, what is monitored and controlled by the central dispatcher office.

As an integral part of the system, a small size LNG feeder vehicle, is also developed. The vehicle, which can  which is compact sized, under 7,5 tones gvw., capable for smooth operation, matching also well to the urban environment. Last but not least, it highly respects the sustainability goals, as consuming itself only CNG fuel.


In the basic system, the LCNG station has an LNG storage of about 3,7 t, means up to 4000 cubic meter can be dispensed between refilling events. The needs of refill observed by the dispatcher and can ascertain the right time. The refill process, thanks to the developed feeder vehicle, can be done about 15 minutes, so the pause in sales not hold back disturbingly long. The feeder vehicle can distribute the LNG from the nearest LNG station, increasing the speed of the LNG consumption there.

A systematically developed network brings the greatest result for the operation, where the efficient refill strategy, a social network based end-customer info channel counts to the tools as well.  


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