Our highly sophisticated next generation dispenser with unique features can be deployed as best it’s functionality, if the dispenser is delivered together with the complete electrical station management. Even easier to operate the station, if the LNG pump skid is delivered, installed and commissioned by the same hand as the dispenser and the station itself.  

The dispenser

Photo: Domanovszky Henrik
  • User-friendly Informative Display
    • 15” Sun-light protected screen
    • Step-by-step guidance to truck drivers to ease the LNG refuelling process
    • Over 20 languages available
    • Driver fault prevention system
  • Smart refuelling system
    • High-Tech Uestco Electronic Board Design
    • Intelligent algorithm for absolute control on refuelling process
    • Auto-stop mode when tank is fully loaded
    • Filling option for Volvo trucks
  • Online Monitoring and Diagnosis
    • Online monitoring all diagnosis via ModBus
    • System pre-cautions against possible gas leaks, hose break-off and pressure in balances
  • Authorization system
    • Incorporated token/fleet-card recognize system or
    • Direct communication to payment terminal

The station control cabinet

Photo: Domanovszky Henrik
  • Holistic approach on the station control architecture
  • Control cabinet provide a sophisticated, on the field tested and optimized system for
    • each station pneumatic valves
    • LNG pump and skid drive
    • LNG dispenser
    • transmitters
    • ESD system with various safety system management
    • incorporated remote monitoring and control
  • Control cabinet extension ability for incorporate an LCNG system on the station, by
    • LCNG HP pump skid drive
    • LCNG line pneumatic valves
    • transmitters
    • buffer storage
    • CNG dispenser

The LNG pump

  • Using the most reliable vertical LNG submerge pump on the market
  • Based on required flowrate two or more stages of the pump technology
  • LNG pump skid with the vacuum insulated sump housing
  • Prefabricated and in-house tested skid with pneumatic valves, transmitters, ESD system